Sustainable Diving in Thailand

Our eco-friendly commitments

At Andaman Scuba, we have been committed to more sustainable diving since its inception in 1998 in Khao Lak, Thailand, a fundamental value embedded in our daily lives.

Exploring the depths, yes, but with respect for the ocean and awareness of its protection.

During each diving day trip and liveaboard, we undertake several environmentally sustainable and respectful actions, in love with exploring the marine environment and biodiversity.

Charters on Sustainable Diving

We adhere to the International Sustainable Diver Charter, created by the Longitude 181 association, and the Sustainable Shark Ecotourism Charter, established by Shark Education.
Through these charters, we aim to establish optimal diving conditions for the preservation and equitable sharing of the ocean's wealth.

Optimizing Dive Cruise Routes

We ensure that every dive excursion in Thailand or Myanmar, whether it's a cruise or a day dive, is as environmentally friendly as possible, from the moment we leave the coast until our return.
We plan efficient routes, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Less Plastic Onboard

Sustainable diving also involves the use of plastic onboard.
We minimize the use of single-use plastic on our dive cruises in Thailand and Myanmar.
Here, there are no plastic water bottles, but rather reusable steel water bottles that we provide to each diver, which can be refilled from our central water dispenser.

Bio and Local Onboard

Consuming organic, local, and fresh food onboard is one of our daily priorities.
Your meals will be prepared each day by our Thai chef, providing you with the opportunity to savor fresh cuisine sourced directly from the local markets.
In addition, you'll find organic shampoos and shower gels in the cabins because every small effort contributes to a better environmental footprint!

Awareness of Sustainable Diving

We encourage our divers to become true ambassadors of the Andaman Sea and marine biodiversity worldwide! During our briefings, before every dive, whether it's on a cruise or a day trip in Thailand or Myanmar, we place strong emphasis on nature and ocean-friendly practices. We encourage our divers to adopt the philosophies of "leave no trace" and "touch only with our eyes."

Sustainable Diving in Thailand

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