Nitrox Course Khao Lak

Becoming a Nitrox Diver

Nitrox Diving Khao Lak Similan Dive Courses

Take advantage of your exploration dives to take a course with our specialized Nitrox instructors, certified Cmas Ssi or Padi, at our diving center in Khao Lak.

What is Nitrox ?

Nitrox, also known as EAN for Enriched Air Nitrox, is an oxygen-enriched air mixture.
While air contains 21% oxygen, the most commonly used enriched mixes are EAN32% or EAN36%.

Nitrox offers numerous advantages in terms of safety, comfort and dive optimization.

The main advantages will enable you to
– increase your dive times and safety margins as a function of depth
– make longer dives, depending on depth and mix used
– shorten your surface intervals
– reduce fatigue after several dives

The Cmas Ssi Padi Nitrox Diving course we offer from Khao Lak is accessible directly after Open Water or Level 1.
It will enable you to use this mixture enriched with up to 40% Oxygen while making the most of your exploration dives.

Nitrox course from Khao Lak

By increasing your theoretical knowledge and developing new technical skills, you’ll be able to plan your dives safely using oxygen-enriched air mixes.

This Nitrox course, offered at our center in Khao Lak, can be taken either during day trips or cruises.
The theory part is taught online, and our instructors will be happy to go over all the important points with you.
Then 2 dives in one or two days will suffice for this training.

At the end of the program, you’ll be certified as a Cmas Ssi Padi Enriched Air Nitrox Diver.

Onboard any of our diving liveaboards in Thailand or Myanmar, you can decide to join this course at any time.

Nitrox Course Khao Lak CMAS SSI PADI - Diving certification


195 2 Dives
  • Online theory
  • Theorical and practical instruction
  • 2 Nitrox tanks
  • 2 Technical dives
  • International certification


295 2 Dives
  • Theorical and practical instruction
  • Hotel transfers
  • Diving day trip - 2 dives (Similan Richelieu Rock)
  • Lunch and beverages
  • Individual equipment
  • 2 Nitrox tanks
  • International certification