Bunmee 4 Diving Khao Lak & Phuket - The best liveaboard in Thailand & Myanmar


Diving from Khao Lak & Phuket

Bunmee 4

Bunmee 4 Diving Khao Lak & Phuket - The best liveaboard in Thailand & Myanmar

With BUNMEE 4, discover diving from Khao Lak & Phuket as a unforgettable experience.
Bunmee 4 is the latest addition to ANDAMAN SCUBA’s fleet, is our flagship liveaboard diving vessel, catering to individual divers and small groups. This steel-built boat was launched in 2016 and renovated in 2023 to offer the highest standards and comfort expected by divers on a cruise.


up to

20 passengers

8 cabins


2 cabins


In the Heart of the Andaman Sea

A Boat Designed for Exploration

Bunmee 4 Diving Khao Lak & Phuket - The best liveaboard in Thailand & Myanmar

Bigger than its predecessor Bunmee 3, with a length of 29m and a width of 5.8m, BUNMEE 4 retains the proven advantages, overall layout, and space distribution of the boat. BUNMEE 4 accommodates up to 20 passengers in 10 cabins and 2 categories:

  • 8 MARINA double or twin cabins, located on the main deck, with private shower-toilet facilities
  • 2 HORIZON double or twin cabins, on the upper deck, sharing 1 shower-toilet located on the main deck

All cabins on our cruise boat offer individual air conditioning, and for added privacy, the crew has their own unshared shower-toilet facilities separate from those of the passengers. For maximum soundproofing, all engines are located at the back, away from the cabins, and the generator is positioned far back to ensure peaceful nights.

Overnight on Board

Comfort at Sea


Bunmee 4 Diving Khao Lak & Phuket - The best liveaboard in Thailand & Myanmar

The onboard service is akin to hospitality:
• Cabins are cleaned every morning, and beds are made
• Towels are regularly changed
• Possibility to store valuables in a safe, which will also be offered before boarding at the center

On the upper deck, you’ll find:
• The dining area
• A mini-bar
• A video and multimedia space
• An observation area at the front of the boat.
A large half-shaded sundeck is located above the upper deck, perfect for reading or relaxation. The place is equally magical at night, allowing you to gaze at the stars and the Milky Way, which shine so brightly in our latitudes.

The dive deck at the rear of the main deck is spacious, allowing for easy equipment setup, and the dive platform is designed for quick entries and easy exits with its 2 ladders. For the convenience of drift dives and safety during water exits, a semi-rigid dinghy remains on surveillance. It is also handy for accessing islands and beaches when possible.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

An Unforgettable Experience

Our experienced diving team, composed of State Instructors, CMAS, SSI, and PADI professionals, provides comprehensive and detailed site briefings before each dive to ensure you make the most of your underwater exploration. You’ll be charmed by our attentive Thai crew, who take great care of you throughout the journey.

After the dive, indulge in Asian flavors during mealtime: à la carte breakfasts and buffet-style lunches and dinners, featuring a vibrant array of Thai specialties with fresh seafood, crustaceans, fish, vegetables, and local fruits.

Entertainment and education await you onboard with our dive library, games, music, and video screenings. Relax in the midst of the Andaman Sea and unwind completely.

Your diving vacations are under our complete control and organized on our own boat, ensuring professional and high-quality service for an unforgettable diving experience. As an integral part of our ship, the friendly atmosphere of our French-English-Spanish-speaking center has been its hallmark for many years.

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1. Cabin Access
2. Marina
3. 2. Horizon
4. Shower
5. Deck ladder
6. Diving bridge
7. Diving deck
8. Kitchen
9. Living area
10. Dining area
11. Minibar
12. Multimedia
13. Solarium
14. Crew cabin
15. Piloting

Our cruise boat BUNMEE 4 is powered by 2 V10 engines, generating 760 HP.

Three generators provide continuous electricity 24/7 (220v / 380v).

The fuel tanks offer an 8-day cruising autonomy. Water tanks have a capacity of 12,000 liters.

Two high-pressure compressors ensure air-nitrox filling for diving tanks (34 m3/h).

Electronic navigation equipment includes GPS, sounder, AIS, and radar.

Two different systems ensure communication: marine radio and telephone.

A pharmacy, oxygen, and first aid kit are available on board at all times.